Our main objective is to take care of what is most important. We are a technology company, specialized in security and valuables logistics.

We offer solutions at different levels and with international standards. Ranging from physical and electronic to computer security, we cover a wide spectrum of services that integrate technological innovation together with a highly trained team to meet your needs.

History of Britimp


The company entered the market with the aim of providing tailored solutions to, in the words of our founders, "take care of what is most important."

Our service company, specialized in security and valuables logistics, can thus provide immediate responses to the needs of customers in the financial, corporate, and public sectors.

These solutions adopt international standards, at different levels. Ranging from physical security, electronic security, valuables logistics to non-bank correspondents, where we cover a wide spectrum of services that integrate technological innovation together with a highly trained team to meet your needs.

We seek to be the leading company in the provision of services for the financial system and corporate companies, with the firm values ​​of reliability, transparency, loyalty, honesty, agility, humility, and flexibility.

A company that continues to grow

The previous experience of our founders in the banking sector has been the foundation and starting point to undertake the security and valuables logistics sector.

In that way, 12 years ago Britimp was born as a response to the need for innovative products and services, which meet specific needs and are tailored to the requirements of each customer. We have innovated in products such as remote opening locks for vaults, banknote inking for ATMs, digital certificates; and in services such as physical surveillance, transportation of valuables, alarm monitoring, among others.

We are known for being quick, innovative, and disruptive.

Expansion and projection

Throughout the last decade, the company has been strengthened across the metropolitan area (Asunción and Grand Asunción), and we have also opened our branch in Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná Department, due to the 12 years of presence in the market.

We also have our own payment network called Refácil with the aim of continuing to innovate in payment methods throughout the country.


To provide quick solutions in security and valuables logistics.


To be recognized for providing disruptive services in security and valuables logistics.

Pillars and Values

    • Integrity
    • Agility
    • Disruption
    • Flexibility
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      Jenny Wilson

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